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Loca Deserta

Online version is available at

Loca Deserta Online

City Building game set in the same Loca Deserta world:

Loca Deserta: Sloboda Building Game

The game is available in Google Play Store and Apple App Store:

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What’s it about

Loca Deserta is an interactive game based on storytelling. All the stories are dedicated to historical events that happened in Ukraine from the Middle Ages until modern day.

About the book

The main hero is a Cossack. He agrees to sacrifice his life during the withdrawal of Khmelnytsky’s troops at the Battle of Berestechko. Along with a small group of soldiers manning boats, the protagonist fires at the advancing Polish forces, slowing their progress and saving the lives of countless Cossacks. At the end, he alone survives as his fellow brothers in arms perish one by one. Realizing what awaits him in Polish captivity, he decides to commit suicide. Loading his rifle, he jumps off the boat and shoots at his head. However, the rifle misfires, and the Cossack is carried away by the swift current of the river. When he opens his eyes, he finds himself on the shores of a mysterious place – Khortytsia Island.

This island exists in Warp, from which it’s possible to travel to different places in time, helping warriors protect Ukraine. The island gathers the souls of warriors who couldn’t find peace neither in heaven nor hell. By committing suicide, the Cossack commits an unforgivable sin, but in his case, it is the only possible choice. As a result, his soul will live on the island forever. His soul, as well as the souls of other lost warriors, can settle into the bodies of Ukrainian heroes, helping them during crucial moments on the verge of life and death. Each such embodiment is a separate interactive story. The stories don’t contain detailed descriptions of nature or long dialogs. You just need to decide on the action: Hit, Kill, Cut, Fire. After the death or rescue of the embodied hero, the soul returns back to Khortytsia in Warp.

In this Cossack Version of Assasin’s Creed there are three story lines:

Create your own interactive story

Both the web and mobile versions of the game allow users to create stories. You can create your own story on a phone. All the versions of the game are synchronized with each other, so you can continue editing your story on a computer.

Several images from the game:

Who are we

Product is developed by Dmytro Gladkyi and Boytsov Kostyantin