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What is this

Interactive fiction. This game allows you to dive into the heroic epoch of the XVII century and experience the unforgettable life of a Cossack in the Wild Fields of southern Ukraine. You will not only get a chance to read the story but determine how it will develop! The fate of the brave Cossack depends on your choices and his life is in your hands.

About the book

At the beginning of the XVII century a confrontation flares up between the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Ottoman Empire. As a result of a devastating defeat at the Battle of Cecora, a lot of noblemen, Cossacks, and soldiers are killed or captured by Turks and Tatars. The fate of a young Cossack, wayfaring through the Wild Fields in a desperate attempt to escape from captivity, depends on the choices of the reader of this interactive fiction. All the challenges are equally hard: surviving in the steppe, avoiding the revenge of the Tatars, winning the trust of the Cossack fisherman and returning home. But the battle that will change the course of history is fast approaching. Will the main character be able to participate in it and stay alive? And how will his life go from there? – Only you know the answer!

The game is available in Ukrainian and English. The Polish version is coming soon.

The game is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store:

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Several images from the game:

Who are we

Product is developed by Dmytro Gladkyi and Boytsov Kostyantin

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[ENG/PL versions below] Козаки використовували моноксили (довбані човни) для подорожей по річках та промислу. Такі човни і досі зустрічаються на річці Десна та інших не широких річках. Зображені човни брали участь у водному походу ВІК "Курінь печерської сотні Опанаса Предримирського київського реєстрового козацького полку" по річці Удай. Boats made from a solid trunk of a tree were used by cossacks for traveling and for hunting/fishing. Such kind of boats can be still found on a small narrow rivers. The depicted boats took part in the water campaign of the #LivingHistory club "Kurin of the Pechersk hundreds of the Opanas of the Pridimyrskyi Kiev Registered Cossack Regiment" along the Uday River. Kozacy wykorzystywali monoxile (porąbane łodzie) do wycieczek po rzece i wędkowania. Takie łodzie nadal znajdują się na rzece Desna i innych niezbyt rozległych rzekach. Przedstawione łodzie wzięły udział w kampanii wodnej VIK „Kurin z Pecherska setki Opanów z Pridimyrskyi Kijowskiego Zarejestrowanego Pułku Kozaków” wzdłuż rzeki Uday. #boat #cossacks #ukraine #livinghistory #travel

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